Lakeway city is located on the western side of a county named Travis. Ideally, this town is situated on Lake Travis’s western shore. This town is a part of the scenic and picturesque country of Texas Hill. This city can be located almost 25 miles on the western side of Downtown Austin. Lakeway is considered to be such a community that is unique, growth-managed, and prestigious. 

Services existing in Lakeway city

The city government of Lakeway is full service. This is because it offers court, police, building and development, recreation and parks, drainage and streets, and waste management. The Fire-Rescue service of Lake Travis offers emergency medical responses and fire suppression. The districts of the municipal utility provide wastewater and water services. The Charter of Lakeway City establishes a Government that is in the form of a council-manager. As per the 2010 census, the current population of this city is approximately 11,000. The primary sources of revenue of this city are franchise fees, sales tax, and property tax.

Why is Lakeway city known for its lifestyle?

 Lakeway is often considered to be a resort community. This community includes tennis courts, golf courses, one private airport, hotel & spa, and marinas. Apart from that, you can also find a lake that is almost 65 miles long. There are 100 acres of trail and parkland, along with greenbelts that are 500 acres. Located in the Austin metro region, this small city is quite the finest. 

More and more families are more being drawn towards the lifestyle of Lakeway. They often refer to it as the ‘Lakeway Lifestyle.’ This lifestyle is so prominent because of the award-winning recreational programs, parks, and other facilities. Most people are attracted to this city because of its natural beauties. Some of the very famous recreational programs of Lakeway are golf, hiking, swimming, fishing, tennis, scuba diving, picnicking, camping, biking, and boating. 

Exciting activities to do in Lakeway city

Lakeway has got quite a unique history, and the residents of this city take quite pride in it. These residents are also quite active in their community works. Most people choose to visit this city on weekends or consider living here full time. This community is quite relaxing and soothing compared to the metro region of Austin. People have the full opportunity to roam around and get involved in many activities of their choice. Some of these activities that you can enjoy at Lakeway are: 

1. Explore private boating tours – You can enjoy these tours around the Sail Austin Charters, Landfall Sailing, and Sail Ripple. 

2. Enjoy water sports – You can enjoy water sports at the same places you enjoy boating. 

3. Experience Flyboarding – You can enjoy the most fantastic experience of flyboarding at the Aquafly Austin. 

4. Go for wine tasting – There are quite a few wine traders in Lakeway city where visitors can enjoy wine tasting. 

5. Have a great nightlife – It is one of the most favorite activities of people in Lakeway. Things are not quite chaotic here but extremely relaxing. You can spend an intriguing nightlife tasting wine at the wine traders. 

6. Pamper yourself at wellness centers – You can always put yourself before anything when in Lakeway. Visitors can choose to go to wellness centers for a relaxing session of the spa. 

7. Eat different cuisines at restaurants – There are some top-rated restaurants and eateries in Lakeway city. These places offer all kinds of cuisines for people to try at least once when they visit. 

Top Tourist Destinations In Lakeway City

There are plenty of tourist spots that visitors can surely pay a visit to when got the time. Weekends are pretty pleasant in this city, and most people prefer visiting these destinations at any time. These tourist spots are quite relaxing, and you can do most of the activities mentioned above. Some of these top tourist destinations of Lakeway city are suggested for your preference: 

●      Hamilton pool road – This is an underground natural pool that is strictly not meant for swimming purposes. 

●      Hamilton Greenbelt – This Lakeway park is an excellent location for hiking on its trail. You can also take a very leisurely stroll on its well-groomed paths. 

●      Lakeway city park – This park in Lakeway is a relaxing place to walk and even swim. You can also enjoy fishing in the lake of this park. 

●      Canyonlands or Mount Lakeway trail – This is another excellent Lakeway park that is wonderful if you love hiking. If you want to do a great leg workout, this place is highly recommended. 

●      Smith Greenbelt – This is a beautiful garden and park that serve as a great hiking trail. The scenic beauty of this place is quite mesmerizing. 

●      Austin zoo – This zoo offers quite a plenty of animals for the visitors to witness. It is excellent for spending family time. There are a variety of species displayed in cages at this zoo. 

●      Arkansas Bend Park – There are several picnic tables at this park so that you can enjoy picnicking. This place is all about its beautiful scenery.

●      River Place Nature Trail – This is a beautiful riverfront park that offers quite a popular and forested trail for hiking, wildlife views, and waterfalls. 

●      Dink Pearson Park – This park is a peninsula shaped that is great for picnicking. Visitors love this place for fishing purposes. You can also enjoy boating around this place. 

Visit Lakeway city and enjoy!

This city got its recognition mostly because of its award-winning recreational programs. You cannot compare the silent scenic beauty of this place with the busy metro cities. Visitors can choose to visit this place and explore the nearby areas. Most importantly, this place offers plenty of activities for the locals as well as the tourists. You can experience all of these activities and enjoy your time. You can invest enough time in learning about the history of this beautiful picturesque city. If not in history, then you can take an interest in touring around this city. 

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