There are so many different reasons to go travelling and on holiday. It is one of the most popular things for people to do and people who are able to travel feel privileged that they’re able to do so. The reasons that people love travelling so much is because it takes people out of their comfort zones which is one of the best human experiences, it is also inspiring and is the best way to see and try new things.

It also allows people to experience different cultures which is something you couldn’t experience without travelling, in these cultures you’ll be able to engage with different people than your day to day life which will allow you to learn and grow as a person. On top of this you’ll get to relax and have a mental health break in the amazing sunshine and you’ll be able to try some amazing new food that’ll hit your tastebuds differently to any food that you can get at home.

The coronavirus prevented anyone from travelling anywhere as most countries shut their borders, with very specific exceptions. Travelling since the pandemic has been limited and it has been expensive due to tests and it has been confusing, but now countries are starting to open up a lot more and traveling is becoming much more accessible.

Airlines are offering some of the cheapest flights to date after they’ve not been able to operate over the last few years so now is a fantastic time to finally jet off on the holiday you’ve been dreaming of. It may be hard to figure out where you want to go and you’ll be filled with questions like what is the best sandals resort and where has the nicest weather, but more important than location is what you’re going to wear. As it has been such a long time, your holiday wardrobe is going to be more important than ever if you’re wanting to get those Instagram worthy photos.

Keep reading to find our best fashion tips on how to dress to impress whilst you’re on holiday.

What are the essentials?

The one big thing that gets in the way of dressing to impress, is your limited packing space. As you can only take 1 case of clothes with you on holiday, you’ll have to be tactical about what to bring to make sure that you’re looking stylish every day and without repeating an outfit. Many people get carried away with their packing and pack half their wardrobe, but we promise, you can achieve the same result on holiday without getting fined for having a suitcase that is over the weight limit. When it comes to the essentials, make sure it is just the essentials. You’ll want to pack things that are basic so that they can be used for several outfits that’ll seem like different looks. This includes a few basic pairs of shorts, socks, underwear and plain t-shirts that will be great for the beach but can also be dressed up for an evening outfit. If you’re going somewhere warm you won’t need a jacket but we recommend bringing a light jacket for fashion purposes as a jacket can make an outfit a lot more stylish.

What else should I pack?

If you’ve kept the essentials to a bare minimum, then you should have space in your case to pack some nicer outfits. This will be another difficult choice but you’ll have created space to bring 2, at a stretch, 3 outfits that you know you’ll look fantastic in. These outfits are perfect for going out for cocktails or a night on the local town. If you’re planning on visiting the nicer establishments then make sure that you have at least 1 smartish outfit as it is likely that, just like here, they will have a dress code. You don’t want to be prevented from visiting the places you want because your clothes aren’t fancy enough so try and plan ahead, think about what you want to do when you’re on holiday when choosing your outfits.

What shoes should I take?

Shoes take up a lot of suitcase space so you should try and take the pair that you’re going to wear to fly in and only 1 additional pair. We would recommend flying in something comfortable like trainers or sneakers, this is good because if you decide that you want to go on any hikes etc. when you’re on holiday then you’ll have the appropriate footwear to do so. The other pair of shoes that is vital to pack is a pair of sandals, if you find a nice enough pair then you’ll only need the 1. Try find a pair that are casual enough to wear at the pool or at the beach, but make sure they’re nice enough so you can wear them at the local cocktail bar.

Any other advice?

Never forget your sun cream. It is likely that your skin won’t be used to how strong the sun is which makes you more likely to burn. You don’t want to put all this thought into your holiday wardrobe only to get sunburnt. This is a guaranteed way to ruin all your Instagram photos as you’ll be bright red in the face.

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