Skiing is not something anyone can just pick up and do from day one. As much as we’d like to go flying down the side of Mount Everest, launching ourselves off cliffs, and doing backflips, it’s not going to happen without some practice. So put on your jacket, grab these ski boot heaters and let’s take a trip up the mountain of information.  

What to Look For

So, what do you need to look for in a ski location? New beginners with that adrenaline-filled urge to surf down snow-lapped hills might want to jump right into the deep end but it’s not recommended. Skiing can be quite a dangerous hobby without the right equipment and training. Slamming face-first into a tree whilst moving at thirty miles per hour will not end well for anyone. That’s why it may be a good idea to look into ski resorts. At often times, ski resorts will not only provide a safe and controlled playground for you to test and hone your skiing abilities, but ski resorts will a lot of the time also provide basic ski training. A professional will be able to take you through all the basics of skiing on an easier slop in order to make sure that you know what you are and aren’t comfortable with before moving on to the bigger and more free-form areas of the mountain.  


Ski resorts are also good for newcomers as they provide things like medical centers. Though hopefully, you will never need them, it can be a nice and calming thing to know that just round the corner there are dedicated people to patch you up if things don’t go to plan. Ski resorts like La Plagne are popular because they also provide services off the mountain. Obviously, you go on a skiing trip to go skiing but a nice break for a coffee and cake would never go amiss. Ski resorts are often surrounded by village areas that have shops, restaurants, bars, and more to keep you busy whilst you are off the slope. 

The Best Choice

Okay so now you know ski resorts are the best places to be, but which ones are the best? Most people first time skiing would choose a resort somewhere around the Alps in Europe. The Villars in Switzerland is known for its relaxed and easy-going slopes that ease in beginners whilst also providing a delightfully picturesque town to stay in at the foot of the mountain in your off-hours. If you are looking for a more family-oriented experience the Lets Gets in France would be a good bet. Sharing its slopes with the British snowsports schools, Lets Gets is a prime place for beginners and experts alike. Whilst providing a good number of nursery slopes and more advanced slopes further up the moment so you can progress as and when you feel comfortable to do so. And finally, somewhere like Soldeu in Andorra would be a perfect place to go if you are expecting progression. The teaching school in Soldeu is incredibly highly rated and allows for extreme progression through their tutorial and courses. After one trip here you’ll without a doubt be a skiing master in no time at all.  

Overall, you obviously know your own skill range better than anywhere else so pick a place where you feel comfortable and go for it. The only way you’ll ever truly know your own skill range is to just try it and see what happens, who knows, you might be a winter Olympian in waiting.  

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