If you are looking at holidaying with a soccer fan this year then this list of the best holiday locations for soccer fans is perfect for you, some of these locations would be best for a soccer dedicated trip but others have a nice balance of the traditional sun and sand as well as some very interesting and famous soccer locations. Depending on your budget some of the places on this list also allow you to go inside and play a game for yourselves, which I’m sure we can all agree is a once in a lifetime experience so make sure you get the right pair of indoor soccer shoes and don’t forget your passport. 

London – Wembley

Wembley Stadium has hosted some very high-profile games over the years making it a perfect tourist hotspot for anyone who is a fan of sports and soccer history, the tour is very reasonably priced and has been rated as very informative and valuable for money by previous visitors. Now don’t worry even if you are not a fan of soccer London has some other great tourist attractions for fun for all of the family it really is a must-visit location. There is so much to do with so many iconic places that have featured in many widely popular TV and film moments, the food and drink scene is very good with a variety of restaurants and street food vendors throughout the city.  

Manchester – Football Museum

Another location found within the UK that would make for a great city break location for those of you that are fans of soccer would have to be Manchester, specifically the football museum. It has only been open for a few years with millions of dollars spent on the construction of this futuristic building it really is a great place to visit if you want to learn about classic British soccer history. Much like London, Manchester is another place that has a lot to do in terms of entertainment and tourist attractions, or for those family members who may not be the biggest fans of soccer have something to do whilst you are free to enjoy the football museum. Another great place to visit in manchester if you are a fan of soccer would be Old Trafford stadium which is the local playing grounds of the city.  

Madrid – Campo de Futbol de Vallecas

 If you are thinking of going somewhere that not only gives you everything the soccer fan in your family needs but also the chance for some relaxation and some exotic weather then you may be more inclined to jet off abroad and visit sunny Spain. Madrid, in particular, is a great city with lots to do for all of the family including waterparks, high-energy bars and venues, and a wide variety of bars and restaurants. Let’s not forget about the famous football grounds that have hosted many world cup matches over the years and throughout the history of the tournament, these grounds are usually open for visitors and would make for a very interesting experience if you are a fan of the sport. If you have the opportunity to do so I would urge you to think about visiting this very popular destination as there is just so much to do you will be able to keep all members of your family happy.  

South Africa – Soccer City

The last destination that would be perfect for those of you that are fans of soccer is definitely the most extravagant, but with such a rich soccer history and opportunity to do so many unique experiences it is definitely worth a mention. South Africa as a whole is a very lavish holiday experience that would be perfect for the whole family, this destination is so breathtaking and rich in culture, entertainment, and wildlife it is definitely not one to miss out on if you ever have the opportunity to visit. There is even a place that is perfect for soccer fans with the aptly named Soccer City being a very popular tourist location, this place not only consists of multiple professional standard stadiums that can be toured but it is also home to the regional training authority, so it is definitely worth a visit.  

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