Traveling and exploring new cities is the passion of most people. It allows them to know more about the city and get in touch with the people living there. Travelers always love many places around the world. One of the many such places is Lakeway city. It is situated in Travis County, Texas, in the United States of America. The city population is about 11,391 approximately, which was last recorded in the census in 2015. The city got its name from Lake Travis, which is located just next to it. It is almost an exurb in Greater Austin.    

History and geography of the city

Lakeway city was first founded on a 2700 acre area of ranch mainly owned by two people. It is situated 26 km to the west of Austin. The Hurst Creek directly runs through the town and then finally ends into the lake. Besides, the city was overlooked by a golf course fairway. It took a lot of people, and development committees were formed to construct the houses and lodges of all residents and non-residents. 13.7 square miles is the town’s total area, out of which 13.07 square miles is entirely land while the rest 0.3 square miles is pure water.

The infrastructure of the town

The town has some notable things for the people living and visiting Lakeway. Things of basic amenities such as hospitals, schools that provide children with top-class education, colleges, public library, etc., are functional and open for everyone. The hospitals provide the best-in-class service to the people and have all the required services by the people of all age groups. There are many other facilities in the town to make the life of people a lot less comfortable. 

Things to do 

The most exciting and famous things to do in Lakeway include some of the following:

  • Hamilton pool reserve: The pool area is only covered with karst caves with nature and absolutely no garbage. The area is entirely protected and conserved, making it a serene and stunning landscape to experience. Also, mountains and water are overlooking the place, along with a few waterfalls.
  • Texas state capital: the capitol plaza is situated on the hillside in downtown Austin. The capital is very similar to the U.S. capitol but has a slightly different color. Besides, there are many other sculptures and monuments as the town experienced civil wars and world wars. The residence of the governor is also very close to here. 
  • Mount Bonnell: it is a hill that is inhabited by people in small numbers. The scenery and the view from the top in the winters is bliss and worth picturing. By walking above and above, the view only gets better. 
  • Congress Avenue Bridge: it is the largest bridge located in one of the country’s most prosperous locations. The span of the bridge is almost equal to the river. It is a four-lane location with two-way roads. The bridge was built a long time ago and is still considered the most critical town location with a rich view of the environment. 
  • Bullock Texas state museum: it is situated in the center of Austin and has a lot of history. It was opened back in 2001 and mainly tells about Texas. The museum is divided into three broad floors where the first floor tells about land, the second about identity, and the last one about timing. Besides, the museum provides a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the cultural and historical importance of people visiting. 
  • Henry museum: it is known as the former residence of a famous American poet, O Henry. The tourists do not have to pay a fee to visit this place, and it mostly welcomes foreigners from all around the world. The decoration style is entirely based on the old times, and the house is so small that anyone in 10 minutes can easily visit it. It is full of culture, landscape, and many small intricacies that most individuals like. 
  • Pedernales Falls state park is a beautiful park where people mostly experience nature and enjoy peace. There are about 2-3 waterfalls inside the park, along with a lake full of fishes. It brings positivity to every individual and makes them feel energetic and fresh altogether. It is the best place to have a good day with the entire family and friends.
  • Blanton Art Museum: it is a museum that is sponsored privately and is located inside a university. The museum is full of artworks and paintings that belong to several countries of the world. the museum is also a rich place to be in with diverse ethnicities and cultures 

Places to live

Lakeway has a broad choice for the people looking for a place for a few days. Some inns and lodges are offered to the tourists at such affordable rates, with everything from food to spas and other facilities at a bare minimum. Besides, some fantastic cafes and bars serve the best burgers, steaks, and beers to the tourists. It is the best way for them to relieve the stress off and have a fun time. Some websites tell people more about it. 

How to reach

The tourists have to be in the U.S. or should be the ones staying in the country. There are flights from every state to Austin, after which the tourists can book a cab or any other ride to reach Lakeway. People traveling from other countries require a passport or any other identification document that can be helpful while checking in to a hotel. For the residents, any document is enough. The flights have to be booked accordingly and beforehand to get some of the best deals and save money. Other travel norms during the pandemic and the usual days are mentioned on the town’s official website, which is easily accessible for all.

Thus, every travel enthusiast should plan to come to this beautiful town of Lakeway as it is so beautiful and serene and has so much to offer. 

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