Now that the world is opening back up, you may be looking to take a trip to Europe. Though Europe is full of beautiful countries that you need to explore one day, we believe there is no better place to start than the Netherlands. The Netherlands has a certain sense of freedom that can not be found anywhere else in the world, so where is better to go than there after being released from the prison that is pandemic isolation.  Here are five things that you can do while in the Netherlands.  

The Anne Frank Museum  

If you are visiting a country, it is essential that you become familiar with its history. Visiting the Anne Frank museum is a great way to immerse yourself in the events that took place almost one hundred years or so. Learning about the events of the second world war in person is entirely different from reading about it or learning in class. Being in the home of one of the many victims of the second war gives you a sense of perspective that you would not gain anywhere. Sometimes it is easy to forget important parts of our history, so you should take any chance you can to remember.  

Cannabis Cafes 

If you are in The Netherlands, you need to take advantage of the legalization of marijuana. Cities like Amsterdam are packed with cafes that offer delicious coffees with a side of strong marijuana. If you are someone that is already a bit of a stoner, then this is your chance to take on some seriously strong strains. The Netherlands is home the top 10 strongest sativa strains ever, so you would be missing an opportunity by not trying them for yourself. 

Check out the Artis Royal Zoo 

If you are someone that loves animals, then you must visit the Artis Royal Zoo. This zoo is home to hundreds of different species and has a conservation program that has to be admired. If you love animals and want to see them get the best possible care, then you need to check this zoo out. There are also plenty of opportunities for you to engage with the animals that you love, with live feedings and enclosure exploration opportunities.  This zoo also boasts a fantastic gift shop where you can get plenty of plush toys and fashionable animal-based outfits.  



Go to the Sex Museum  

If you have ever been interested in the origins of some of the more interesting sides of sex, then you have to visit the sex museum. The sex museum does not hold back when it comes to dealing into the intimate details of every fetish and sexual trend that has popped up over the years. Amsterdam is a city well known for its sex work and so the sex museum is an important part of educating the masses on sexual practices while also pushing sex-positivity. If you are someone that is a bit squeamish then we recommend giving this one a miss.  

Visit Edam 

If you love cheese and cheese festivals, then you have to visit Edam. The birthplace of one of the most popular cheeses in the world, Edam is someone that you must visit at some point in your life. The people of Edam are crazy about cheese and for that reason, there are regular festivals based around the dairy treat. If you have ever wanted to test over a hundred cheeses in one day, then boy do we have the place for you. The people of Edam are extremely generous and are open to sharing their love of cheese with the outside world.  

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