If you have ever watched a film or seen a tv show, then you will be more than aware of the positive reputation that Canada has managed to build itself over the years. If you were to ask someone where they would like to live in the future, then it is likely that at least half the answers that you will get will be Canada.  

Canada has had no problems maintaining its positive reputation, however, some people still aren’t convinced. As someone who loves Canada and wholly believes that Canada is one of the best countries in the world, it is hard to think that anyone could ever say anything negative about Canada. I feel obligated to try and change the opinions of those who don’t appreciate Canada enough. Here are 5 reasons Canada is such a fantastic place to visit.  

The food 

Something that Canada is arguably most famous for is its delicious selection of food. If you ever see a Canadian mentioned within a movie or show, then they are likely digging into a delicious donut or some yummy poutine. If you have ever wanted the opportunity to taste real Canadian home food, it is best to do it straight from the source. Though their food has been mimicked and emulated around the world, nothing compares to Canadian dishes created by people who have had plenty of time to perfect it. The places that you can go to get this food in person are not comparable to anywhere else that you may have been to throughout your life. They offer a homely and clean experience, which shows that many of them clearly follow this list of things to expect from a good cleaning company, which shows they really care about their business.  

The Scenery  

It is hard to deny that Canada isn’t one of the most beautiful countries that you can go and visit right now. Canada has landscapes that some other countries can only dream of achieving and the majority of these landscapes and naturally occurring. If you are someone that enjoys the beauty of great lakes and impressive mountainscapes, then you do not have to travel far into the country to experience either. The country is also more than aware of how valuable these sites are to tourists and so have set up companies which will help you safely explore them.  

The people  

One of the best parts of Canada as a whole is the amazing people that call it home. Again, if we look back to the portrayal of Canadian people throughout the media, they are shown to be some of the friendliest people out there and why shouldn’t they be? Canadian people have access to free healthcare, free education, and beautiful surroundings, which is enough to make even the most miserable person happy. The Canadian people are extremely warm and welcoming, which means no matter where you are from, they are bound to welcome you with open arms.  

Winter sports 

You may be aware that for the most part, Canada is an extremely snowy place throughout the year. Because of this fact, Canada has become home to a lot of snow sporting events and has become a popular holiday destination for people that enjoy skiing and snowboarding. 

Even if you are someone that doesn’t have any intention to take part in the sports, witnessing other people taking part is still an amazing experience that you are not likely to experience in many other places around the world. If you are someone who would like to learn, why not learn somewhere extremely beautiful?  

French Heritage  

You may not know this, but Canada has a rich French heritage that has really embedded itself throughout all of Canada. You are bound to run into a French-speaking Canadian who can teach you some of their complex language, but you are also bound to come across some of the architectural stamps that the French left on the country. So if you are someone that enjoys the European appearance that has been adopted by many Canadian cities, you would be silly to miss out on the opportunity to experience it in person.  

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